Author Guidelines


The writing procedure is as follows:

  1. The manuscript has not been published, or is in the process of submitting to another journal or other publishing media;
  2. Script files in Microsoft Word form;
  3. The manuscript is written using A4 paper size, margin 4-4-3-3, Time New Roman (12 font size), Space 1.5, and script length between 15-25 pages
  4. The manuscript is written by following the following systematic:


  • Specific, effective, straightforward and informative;
  • Capital, bold.

Author's Name, Institution, and Email Address

  • The author's name is written under the heading;
  • Institutions and email addresses are written under the author's name;


  • Written in Indonesian and English;
  • Abstract length not more than 200 words;
  • Include at least 2-5 word keywords;

Introduction, which contains the main points discussed, about research issues, and a summary of relevant theoretical studies.

The discussion, described in sub-discussion according to need.



The manuscript includes references using a footnote system with the following conditions:

  • The Authorized Name, Book Title, (City Publisher: Publisher Name, Year of Publish), page (hlm).
  • Further references for the same source are written by the author's last name, two or three words from the title of the book, and the page.
  • Reference is written completely without ibid / op.cit.


Footnote Writing Example:

1 Nanang Fattah, Landasan Manajemen Pendidikan (Bandung: Rosda Karya,   2000), hlm. 15.

2  Mappanganro, Eksistensi Madrasah dalam Sistem Pendidikan Nasional, hlm. 15.

3 Ibid., hlm. 2.

4 Nanang Fattah, Landasan Manajemen…, hlm. 4.


The manuscript lists the literature with the same writing pattern as footnotes by omitting page descriptions and brackets in the publication data. The bibliography is arranged alphabetically and puts the author's the first name.


The example of bibliography

Nanang Fattah. Landasan Manajemen Pendidikan. Bandung: Rosda   Karya, 2000.

Mappanganro. Eksistensi Madrasah dalam Sistem Pendidikan Nasional. Makassar: CV Berka Utami, 1996.


Technical term of arabic using style transliterasi Litbang of Conggres (LC)


Muṣthafā al-Sibā’ī, al-Istishrāq wa al-Mustashriqūn; Ma Lahum wa Mā ‘alayhim, Cet I, (Riyadh: Dār Al-Warrāq, 1999), hlm. 18.